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Do you have a hobby that you love and wonder if you could turn your hobby into a business? If so, we have something in common!  Like you, I am a fellow crafter and handmade enthusiast.  I have a passion for designing Classy & Original Hand-Beaded Jewelry with vintage beads and buttons which I sell at my website: www.rejoicejewelry.com. My husband, Michael, and I have also successfully sold large gourmet cookies to churches, businesses, and at craft shows.

My greatest joy, though, is not in creating jewelry or in testing new cookie recipes. What I find most rewarding is helping others turn their passion into income.  I have talked to many handmade business owners about their struggles and successes.  I have also talked to talented people who do not know where to begin. Are you like the many artists I listened to who have received compliments on their product yet have not successfully transitioned from hobbyist to business owner? Because of the great interest of crafters/artists in finding a beginners’ easy to follow guide to establishing a successful home-based business I decided to write the From Passion to Income: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Small Business book.

This book contains straight forward and well-ordered, yet friendly-toned information from start up costs, budgeting, and taxes to pricing your craft/artwork and selling it through different venues including online. At the end of each chapter are checklists of tasks to accomplish to help you attain your goals. For your consideration this informative guide is offered as an eBook and as a paperback edition.

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Handmade Business Coaching

Handmade Business Coaching :: Small business coaching for handmade crafters :: Affordable individualized coaching sessions to help launch your successful handmade business! Your coach will be an accountability partner as you map out your goals and take the steps to build and grow your business. You’ll get one on one phone coaching sessions and email support. If you’re ready to launch or grow your handmade business, click here to learn more now!

Sharon Barnett is a former mental health therapist and certified life coach who turned her hobbies into a rewarding business.  It is her desire to help individuals use their God-given creative talents to establish thriving home-based businesses.  

“To God Be the Glory”