Handmade Business Coaching

  • Have you had family and friends tell you to stop giving away your craftwork and start making money selling your handmade items?
  • Are you looking for a more customized approach that will help you take a closer look at your own handmade business and help you target problem areas such as pricing, branding, and marketing your unique product?
  • Do you want an accountability partner, someone that will support you in keeping on track with all of the actions that need to be done in order to establish a profitable handmade business?
  • How would you like to have personal handmade business coaching with someone who not only had become a certified life coach but also has ten plus years’ experience selling crafts such as hand-beaded jewelry and gourmet cookies?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions I have a valuable offer for you!

Small Business Coaching for Handmade Crafters

This is an affordable individualized program for those who want an accountability partner to offer phone and email support and to assist a crafter in taking the necessary steps to launch a values-honored successful handmade business.

What is Handmade Business Coaching?
It is the interaction between a crafter and a coach through agreed upon telephone appointments and email support. In each conversation the small business owner selects the focus and the coach attentively listens, helps the business owner gain clarity of one’s issues and supports him or her to take specific actions to move toward desirable results.  There will be assignments between appointments that include a specific action plan and midweek email check-ins.

As a Christian Handmade Business Coach it is my desire to live out 1 Thessalonians 5:11
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up”.

Are you ready?

Step 1
If you want support to help you turn your hobby into a profitable handmade business or if you want to better organize and market your existing business please fill out the Are You Ready for Handmade Business Coaching Agreement.

Step 2
If you are able to enthusiastically say “Yes” to all of the questions and want to work with a compassionate handmade coach who cares about your success, then select your plan.

Choose a Handmade Business Coaching Package!

Three 45 minute phone sessions
It’s easy to get started with this affordable coaching package!
You’ll get three one on one phone coaching sessions that last 45 minutes each.
You will also get email support! You can email Sharon with your questions anytime during your coaching.
Cost is $99.00

How about a better deal?
Five 45 minute phone sessions
If you’re ready to dig in and commit to building, growing, and watching your business come alive, this is an awesome package that comes with FIVE one on one coaching sessions that last 45 minutes each.
You will also get email support! You can email Sharon with your questions anytime during your coaching.
Cost is ONLY $149.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Sharon is familiar with the U.S. market and, at this time, she is only offering handmade coaching to crafters/artists who live in the United States. Plans are subject to change without notice.


Contact Sharon at (859) 657-6773 or email hobbytoincome@gmail.com.