“Two are better than one” Ecclesiastes 4:9

March 5, 2015

The day I met my husband, Michael, we were on a singles’ church group sponsored walk at a nature preserve.  While we were walking through the fields I was sharing a little about my life.  Michael stated I was a “Barnabas.” Barnabas was a friend of the Apostle Paul and he was known to be “a son of encouragement.” Michael, who later became my husband, was perceptive.  Throughout my years I have been called an “encourager.”  Encouragement is one of my spiritual giftings. Because I truly have compassion and concern for the well-being of others, I had chosen to become a mental health therapist. For years I worked with wonderful clients who taught me so much about the importance of attentive listening and being fully present during our time together. I also completed training to become a certified life coach. I aspire to be more like Barnabas who was also able to see the potential in others.

Now I have switched gears and I am interested in helping people establish a successful handmade business.

It is of great joy to me to support others to attain their goals in creating an organized and thriving handmade business. I will soon be offering individual coaching for crafters and artist who want to maximize their results in less time.

*Why not just read your book, From Passion to Income: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Small Business?

This guide is a wonderful beginning and for some of you it may be all that you need.  However, for others, friendly and encouraging support would be very helpful.

There is strength in numbers

  • As a small business coach for crafters I will pray with you for the Lord to lead your business.
  • If you are overwhelmed, I will help you break down your goals into smaller attainable tasks.
  • If you are disorganized, I will work with you to create more order in your business.
  • If you are stuck, together we will establish a plan to help you move forward.
  • When you struggle to do the not so fun parts of business, such as record keeping, I will be your accountability partner and give you weekly assignments.

Does coaching seem right for you? For more information Please email me at hobbytoincome@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sharon Barnett